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Welcome to The Radiant Community Radiant One! I’m thrilled that you’ve chosen to join us and I’m so excited to be supporting you!

Here’s Your Quick Start Guide…

  1. Join The Radiant Community on Telegram (link below)
  2. Enjoy yourself – and share your progress (or challenges) in The Radiant Community.
  3. Use Telegram to Ask Me Anything – Big or Small – to the program you’ve purchased, spiritual business or just something that’s been on your mind – let me hear it.
  4. Join Us For The Monthly Community Call every 2nd. Tuesday of every month.

xo, Maria Saraphina


Telegram is where you can share your progress and ask any question big or small.

Monthly Community Call

Our Monthly Radiant Community Calls take place every 2nd. Tuesday of every month. Each replay will be available till the next one is live and appear here below.

The calls will take place at 7 PM COPENHAGEN | 6 PM UK | 1 PM NEW YORK | 10 AM LA