The Lovebased Way of (Online) Business

  • 10 days.
  • 3 Masterclasses.
  • 4 Guiding Principles.
  • The 7 Initiations.
  • Sacred Community.
  • Plethora of elevation, fun, practical implementation, flow and alignment.

March 14th.- 24TH. 2022

You in Radiant One?


Are you a Magdalene? Get the Blueprint
MCI Mar22, Victoria Gibbs, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

“I loved loved loved the free Masterclass & Immersion. To be in the space lovingly held by Maria is such a privilege. Then to learn how to be in flow and how to keep up that momentum. By her sharing her experience and knowledge Maria has inspired me to work on myself and my business, there has been an amazing difference to my self worth and courage..”

– Victoria Gibbs, Photographer

“I had the great fortune of being part of the last Masterclass & Immersion with Maria Saraphina. What a powerful process to be in union with others and being guided by Maria!

I feel truly honoured to have received the downloads that come through Maria in pure divine love that resonated strongly with my soul and has created the changes I now experience in my life.

Thank you Maria for the gifts you share 🙏🏻”

– Natilie Cocker, Child Therapist

MCI Mar 22, Natilie Cocker, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

Ready for elevation?

This Masterclass and Immersion is a response to question I once got asked… “isn’t there a heartcentered way of business?” To which my answer was and is a resounding YES!

Join me for this free Masterclass and Immersion where I share with you:
  • My 4 guiding Principles for lovebased and heartcentered business.
  • The 3 states of energy, how to recognise them as well as shift them.
  • 1 powerful tool to connect deeply with your sacred yes and no.
  • The 7 Initiations of souldriven, heartbased, spiritual entrepreneurs, holistic business owners, Magdalenes Rising and Golden Grid Keepers and what to do when you face them.
  • How to transmute the underlying energy and energetic structure of what is going on in any area of your business (and life).

During our 10 days together I’ll be guiding you, supporting you, coaching you and cheering on you as you implement and harvest the gold of what’s been shared with you – making it work for you and your business.

I look forward to seeing you inside!

Hello Radiant One

I’m Maria Saraphina,
Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator.

I serve Souldriven, Heart based, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Holistic Business Owners, Magdalenes Rising, Golden Frequency Keepers and Radiant Beings just like you, with the expansion and growth of yourself and your business. Aligning you with your deep inner truth, bringing to life that which you are here to birth and supporting you in expressing your souls divine purpose through your being and doing in this lifetime.

I look forward to seeing you during this Masterclass & Immersion.

I pray it serve the highest for All.

xo, Maria Saraphina