Ready To amplify your energetic alignment Radiant One?

As someone who’s come into this world to be of service, you have been returning over and over again since before time began.

The power of who you are vibrates within your very essence, however like so many of my clients (as well as myself) you find yourself held back in the strangest ways when it comes to Speaking Your Truth, Showing Your Face and Sharing Your Voice despite you being a brilliant human being filled with experience, wisdom and knowledge.

With Healing The Healers Wound you get:

  • Gorgeous guide full of powerful prompts to guide you in deep releasing and alignment.
  • Subtitled intro video + transcript.
  • Audio activation and alignment to amplify and expand your energy.

Delivered immediately straight to your inbox after purchase.

As a Healer, in whatever capacity you might be serving in this lifetime, this is not your first “rodeo”.

Being a Souldriven, Heartbased, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Holistic Business Owner or Leader of Your Life you’re the midwife of the New Paradigm you’ve chosen to come back again and again in service to the Highest for All. In Healing The Healers Wound, you’ll:

  • Set your voice free so that you might speak your truth.
  • Reclaim your powers, skills, gifts and sovereignty.
  • Release the effects of the Healers Wound, what others might call the Witch Wound.
Healing The Healers Wound, Maria Saraphina

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“What you always do with guides and flowsheets is giving me the tools and the language to clear the blocks that I have in the way that resonates, far beyond anything I could come up with, and the clearings are profound and instantaneous. And that is just phenomenal.”

– Natilie C.